The World’s First Industrial 3D Printing Solution for Creating Vibrant, Full Color Functional Parts with Minimal Post-Processing.

UL 2904 GREENGUARD Certification

Health and Safety Certified with UL 2904 GREENGUARD

3D printers are known to emit up to 200 VOCs and ultrafine particles that can impact users' health and create long term liabilities for companies. Users can implement XRIZE and scale it from engineering all the way to the production floor with no facility changes.

Vivid Color Functional Parts

XRIZE is the world’s first true color industrial 3D printer that prints functional parts in Vivid Colors with safe operations, non-toxic and recyclable materials. With an ability to print color, users can embed graphics, logos, instructions and QR codes in the part creating digitally augmented parts for fully traceable and trusted parts.

Vivid Full-Color 3D Printing
3D Printed Part with Indelible QR Code

Protect your IP with functional inks

With the ability to print QR codes, text, images and the part numbers on the part, the parts are traceable with IP control. QR codes connect the physical part with digital data allowing access to Meta Data, Work Instructions, Assembly Instructions and AR/VR solutions.


Rize's patented process jets in a safe release agent with zero toxicity between the supports and the part. Supports can be easily peeled away and most parts require less than 2 minutes of post-processing. The surfaces after removing the supports are functional and require no rework.

Minimal Post-Processing

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