About Rize

Rize is a Boston, USA-based, next-generation additive manufacturing company, redefining desktop 3D printing. Rize’s industrial 3D printers are extensively used in manufacturing, life sciences, education, consumer package design, prototyping, automotive, research, and for printing spare parts, tools, jigs and fixtures.

XRIZE is the first full-color, composite 3D printer to be UL GREENGUARD certified for low emissions and safe usage. XRIZE utilizes Rizium Materials that deliver safe, strong & vivid color function parts.

Rize’s newest printer, Rize 2XC, is the World's First Composite Professional 3D Printer Focused on Health & Safety. With the ability to utilize an expansive array of materials and a high build volume, Rize 2XC can produce functional parts with industrial strength.

Rize has won numerous awards and accolades, including the only 3D printing firm to be named as an one of the World Economic Forum 2020 Technology Pioneers, an IDC Innovator in Plastic-Based 3D Printing, and Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Best Practices for Zero-Emissions Polymer Additive Manufacturing.


We like the print reliability, strength, durability of the parts printed with Rizium GF. Both our customers and us can be confident in the quality and strength of the printed parts. Our customers love to see 3D rendered models come to life with an accurate full color part that they can touch and feel.

Ronnie Sherrer, Azoth

Rizium GF enables us to print large demanding geometries for our customers with good reliability and uniformity. Due to it's high strength and good surface finish, the parts are well suited for applications like machine replacement parts and fixtures. The ability to add colors enables our customers to embed useful information like color coded assembly instructions, company logo directly on the parts and even print fully colored parts.

Thomas Wakeley, Cimquest Inc